Ke' International is,


At Ke’ International. we truly face guests and create a haute couture beauty for everyone.
communicate well with each and every one
We think that it’s not a manual service and superficial relationsip, because the communication is very important with each customer on what we can, what you need, what we should do.
Looking towards yourself, faced with your colleagues, like in Europe, America, Asia
Staff members who touched various countries, people and cultivated experiences in various cultures
It brings out the attractiveness of our guests and hone their souls … that is our pleasure.



Hair stylists should not impose arrogant design on customers.
However, it doesn’t mean that they have to create a style as customers request.
Over the years, popularization of preference has dominated society.
In addition to the fact of popularization, global humanism, the fall of culture in all sectorsCurrently, we should be a little more faithful to what is behind our mind. It is a necessity of courage, to be yourself.
We think it will be rewarded as a result. Moreover, at a very high. It’s that we think.



When people become beautiful, heart will be enrich.
Through beauty, it makes you confident in yourself, more smiling, more positive feelings, you will want to meet your family, friends, lovers, your daylife gonna change.
We want to enrich customer’s heart. We want them to know more about the potential of their beauty.
In order to realize that, we believe that “solid skill” that meet the higher standards as professional
is necessary.

‟Ke’International“ Basics

Hair has various characteristics according to person.
It changes according to various races, environment and lifestyle, season and physical condition.


So how do you make your hair closer to that person’s best condition?
We thoroughly refine the answer to this question.


Keep teaching the hairs on Internal, External, Material, Texture, Form, until all hair balances can fusion and become really comfortable.


It is precisely because we face with beauty that we can become professional by providing haute couture design for everyone.


For that, we will spare no effort.
We will continue to evolve everyday.

The exquisite technique and artistic dignity combined with the international faction.

Client Testimonials

We are engaged in a trade where one has to adapt to widely differing people.So it is important to work on oneself.

Color and trim were fabulous. Product use guidance is always so appreciated. Love new salon, Artistic Edge. Such a convenient location.


Kengo has been keeping my whole family stylish for the past ten years – Definitely book your next appointment here!


You are the coolest!!! you did what i want and you didn’t push me into cutting my hair any shorter thank you so much! i love it!!


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