Jr Stylist Spa


Blood type A type
Birth Date May 2nd
Birth place Chiba
Hobby Hair arrangement, sleeping, shopping, anime, manga (haikyu)
Favorite food Beef roast beef
Favorite Music One ok Rock, SpyAir, Beatles
Best spot Funabashi, Sangenjaya, Shibuya, Harajuku, Clothing store
Favorite convenience 7 Eleven


The next generation ace that was thoroughly drawn by Ke ‘ims as Ke’International’s outrageous!
I like polite work. He is good at arranging hair!

I hope you have a pleasant time to relax. I take care of my considerate heart.

Ke’Internationalの生え抜きとして徹底的にKe’イムズを叩き込まれた Headspa指名No.1