Tokio Inkarami Treatment Patent technology, totally new strongest Tokio in karami treatment. It is a terrible & reliable existence that knocks out the number of the threat of the Nobel laureate ingredient, the topic fullerene for the first time as a hair care ingredient, 140% of the repair rate of hair. The average number of treatments is about 105%. Already landed in France, famous fashion magazines such as ELLE and VOGHE, Paris' famous luxury salon, Paris celebrity is a very popular system treatment. READ MORE HEAD SPA Head spa uses scalp-friendly French-origin organic oil, removes clogging of dirt and pores, and continues to massage the scalp in a relaxed state. By removing the clogging of old horny skin and pores of the scalp, the smell and dandruff of the head are also improved, and the hair which is growing next will be made healthy. In addition, firmly unraveling the stiffness of the muscles, improving the blood circulation, let the lymph fluid flow smoothly and drain the waste that causes corruption and pain. You can relax the brain and balance the disordered autonomic nerves. Also, the "swelling" and "dullness" of the face are eliminated, the muscles of the scalp regain elasticity, the keeping power that pulls up the skin of the face increases, and it has an effect on lift-up. READ MORE AIR WAVE Light, beautiful and freshy

Air Wave was aimed at a natural texture anywhere, developed and reviewed from the molecular level of hair. The air wave controls the balance of "temperature and moisture content" of the hair by utilizing the power of air, leading to creep and vitrification (movement and fixation of cortex). From here too, the possibilities of wave expand. Fluffy soft, that you can realize a foreign-style wave of longing. A special machine called "Air Wave" is used to send air from a tube connected to a rod to create a wave base and control the temperature and amount of water moisture to create a beautiful wave "new shape memory" system permanent is